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It’s time to once again document some of the amazing people that have kept Malcolm alive through their actions. It took me awhile to get to this post because 2019 has been crazy, making it difficult to focus.  As Instagram followers know, I was very suddenly diagnosed with heart failure, and required a transplant.  There is a bit more detail about this @havekidsletstravel.

Talking about Malcolm is always so difficult and emotional, but he also dominates my thoughts.  Being able to write it out really helps to extract some of the emotional weight.  The year is slipping away and we are approaching Malcolm’s 3rd birthday in heaven, so I want to document these sweet kindnesses.

I will start by saying we feel so blessed/lucky/fortunate/happy that we have people who not only support and love us, but who take the time to remember Malcolm through actions and generosity.  Here are some of the acts of kindness from this past year:

The Giving Tree (@giving_tree_families) is an amazing organization in Gwynedd Valley, PA who calls their youth into action. They do so many projects to help the homeless and less fortunate.  I love following them on Instagram.  One of their kind acts is to create cards for children in hospitals  One batch went to Johns Hopkins and was dedicated to Malcom.

Cards created by @Giving_Tree_Families 2018 Pikefest and delivered to children at Johns Hopkins


I can’t believe it has been a YEAR since we were in London! (I also can’t believe I was probably in heart failure at the time)  We already documented our #RememberingMalcolm time at Brixton Soup Kitchen (a place that is so, so inspiring) in another post, but Hero Bear found another good cause.

We flew Iceland Air on the way to and from London.  On the plane they had the collected donations to give an opportunity for children with long-term health challenges to travel…I mean, Hero Bear certainly couldn’t find a more fitting cause than that!



My mom is always on the lookout for ways to remember her grandson.  As a young adult she used to work in an Emergency Room.  She brought groceries to stock the pantry and Saint Vincent’s hospital in Bridgeport, CT.



North Carolina saw some #RememberingMalcolm love.  My brother, Dave, and Emily, his wife and my sister (in-law, but also sister from another mister) spent Thanksgiving morning at a women’s shelter on their Thanksgiving travels to Raleigh in 2018 to visit their fabulous family.

The message I got from them said ‘We love and miss you guys today and everyday, and feel honored to be taking part in honoring Malcolm’s infinite spirit.’  We love you guys so, so much.



One of my very closest friends still gets Malcolm a Christmas gift in the form of a donation, which is the BEST idea.  This past year, a donation was made to Esperanza – Hope For The Children, Inc.  Their mission is to provide charitable services and improve the availability of medical services to the impoverished people of Honduras.

My Brother and Sister-in-Law (pictured above 🙂 ) also set aside money for Malcolm each Christmas and Birthday.  This will go to a good cause as a substantial donation when he would have turned 18.


We had two separate, very close friends give us donations for our own efforts abroad. We used this money donate over 125 dollars to Amigos of Costa Rica to purchase supplies and improve infastructure for schools and communities in Costa Rica.

While visiting Costa Rica over Christmas 2018 and New Years 2019, we initially wanted to volunteer at one of these schools.  But, as we anticipated, the schools are closed over the holidays.  So we settled for the above donation.    We were looking for another place to volunteer and found an animal rescue that takes in severely injured animals and animals rescued from the black market and spent our time helping to care for these animals.  We will document that incredible experience in another post.  For now, here is a photo:

I am probably in heart failure, here. It is so crazy to look back at so many pictures and think this… think that two and a half months from this photo, I will have a new heart.  Also, I did let my 5yo use that knife.


Most recently, we made a donation in Malcolm’s name through Luthran World Relief to aid the Bahamas in the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

We love you and miss you EVERY SINGLE DAY, Malcolm.  You represent all that is/can be good in this world.  It brings means so so much to us when people do kind, good, selfless acts in your perfect memory.  I love you, baby.

Eating Eggs <3


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